off the beaten path.

Whether resting your feet for a night after days on the trail, or taking a multi-day adventure holiday in the Nitinaht region, West Coast Trail Comfort Camping will be the wildest beauty rest you’ve ever had. Our well-appointed tents and cabins let you experience the dewy rain forest and frothy tides in rustic comfort, just 2.5 km on foot from Nitinaht Narrows and the Crab Shack.

Our tents

Our canvas-walled tents for four adventurers allow you to stay connected to the natural beauty around you while keeping you warm and dry.

Each tent includes:



Elevated wood floors

Table and chairs

4 extra-wide cots

private deck with view

Our cabins

Our secluded wood cabins provide the comforts of home for up to four explorers and plenty of space to spend a day or a week soaking up the magic of the Pacific coast.

Each cabin includes:

Propane stove

Table and chairs

Elevated wood floors

private deck with view

4 extra-wide cots

Campsite information

Though we strive to offer the most comfortable camping experience possible, many of the considerations made by hikers must also be made by West Coast Trail Comfort Camping guests.

As with every other site on the West Coast Trail, toilet facilities, while sanitary, are of the composting variety. Likewise, bathing can be achieved by a sandy scrub on the beach and a refreshing dip in the briny Pacific. And considering that laundry facilities are a great distance away, maid service would be extremely difficult to provide, so please bring your sleeping bag and pillow.

Due to the remoteness of the entire area, neither potable water nor electricity are available, so please plan accordingly. Additionally, there are no kitchen facilities, so unless you have a reservation at The Crab Shack, be prepared to pack in both food and self-contained cooking equipment, as well as pack out any trash at the end of your visit. Beach fires for cooking are also permitted below the high tide line when there is no active fire ban for the region.

Hiking Boots


Sleeping Bag

Cooking Equipment

Rain Gear


Warm Clothing

Toilet Paper

Parks Canada offers a complete list of equipment needed to hike the West Coast Trail.

Lastly, when planning your trip to West Coast Trail Comfort Camping, even if you are not hiking the entire trail, think like a hiker – come prepared for anything, including the experience of a lifetime.